16 12, 2020

The Life, Death, and Legacy of Rehtaeh Parsons

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The crimes against Leah's daughter highlighted significant problems with many of the institutions parents rely to keep their children safe and eventually, this story would the catalyst for change. It’s just a shame that Leah’s daughter Rehteah had to pay for those changes with her life.

18 02, 2019

About My Blog

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I launched this web site about twenty years ago as a way to share my life and write about the things I found interesting. As a former Apple employee some of my posts were Tech in nature, some reflected my love of photography, and some were just general posts about my travels and life. Everything […]

16 02, 2019

Back in Halifax Pt II

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Like I mentioned in my last post, we came back to Halifax for a couple days to be part of a mini-series documentary about cyber-abuse and sexual violence. Rehtaeh's story was hard to go over again in so much detail, but every time I tell it there's something about her I had forgotten.

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