Project Avandra

My Inspiration: The Perseverance Rover

I always thought robots were cool, so now I’m building one. Nothing earth-shattering, just a rover I can mount a camera on and maybe get some wildlife photos in places I can’t reach.

It’s important to me to find joy in the simple things I used to enjoy as a kid. That’s me in the photo, with my brother Jim, building what I think is a British Sopwith Camel, a First World War biplane fighter. Growing up on air force base made it easy to like planes so that’s mainly what I used to build.

Now that I have time, returning to something I loved makes me feel pretty good. It’s also a good way to find time for yourself and have a mental health break.

Project Avandra started last summer and I got as far as building the vehicle and designing a platform for the electronics and the camera system. Using todays micro-computers and mini-cameras is such a relief from what we had way back when.

Mission Ready 50%

Vehicle Assembly Begins

Outdoor Testing

Powered by Arduino


Goddess of Freedom, Travel, and Adventure, also known as She Who Makes the Path, or the Change Bringer. Avandra champions freedom, travel, trade, and adventure across the lands.

Avandra is a remotely operated and controlled vehicle whose mission parameters include navigating to remote locations for photography purposes. Eventually the vehicle will be autonomous and is being built with that goal in mind.

  • Range of 1-2 kms
  • 4WD mobility
  • Cargo Capacity 3kg
Camera Modules
  • FPV camera w/ transmitter
  • GoPro
  • DJI OSMO gimbal camera

Project Build Updates

Major Components Part Used
Body Assortment of metal, plastic, and wood. Held to TRX-4 w/ magnets
Brains Arduino board
FPV Camera 600TVL FPV Transmitter w/ 2.8MM Sony CCD Camera
Arm and Claw Delayed due to budget restraints
Mobile Platform TRAXXAS TRX-4
Electrical Power LiPo Battery X2
Communications RC Transmittor