1 05, 2024

Sexual Assault – How to Help Someone

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Has someone told you they’ve experienced sexualized violence? Your response will have a big impact on their wellbeing and healing. Remember that sexualized violence is never the fault of the person who has experienced it. No-one asks for, invites or deserves sexualized violence. You don’t have to be a counsellor or a therapist to

19 03, 2024

A Man’s Guide to Talking About Rape

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I was sexually assaulted by a woman in 1983 while serving with the Navy in Halifax. Being a young man with some money I drank more than I should have and ended up in a house I was unfamiliar with. Someone there put me to bed, but they didn't leave me alone. I remember

28 02, 2024

Judge Goes Full Rape Culture And Gets Fired

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"This is what happens whenever parents allow teenagers to drink alcohol, to swim in pools with their undergarments on." A victim blaming Illinois judge has been removed from his job following his unlawful overturning of a rape conviction he ruled on. Adams County Judge Robert Adrian was removed

7 12, 2023

Bystander Intervention Done Right

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I noticed a guy ruffling through his trunk in a duffle bag, I didn’t really think much of it. I was leaving, and he was walking [towards Franklin Road North]. I noticed he was adjusting his hood and he looked a bit suspicious because he kept looking behind him. I was watching him in

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