Online Abusers and Trolls

by Glen Canning

This page is to document the online abuse Rehtaeh, myself, and her family has been subject to both before and after her death. There are some people who follow the story simply to make an ignorant comment or attempt to add to our grief, God only knows why.

Some of the following screen captures are very offensive and contain victim blaming, rape culture, misogyny, and outright slander. I have not edited out any names unless there is a legal reason to do so (people involved in the case or underage). Some names may be fake accounts.

What is a Troll?

A troll is best defined as someone whose real life is so shitty and pathetic they turn to the Internet for a sense of power and belonging.

They may feel depressed, attention-starved, angry, sad, jealous, narcissistic or some other emotion they may not be entirely conscious of that’s influencing their online behavior.

What makes trolling so easy is that anyone can do it, and it can be done from a safe, isolated place as opposed to interacting with others in person. Trolls can hide behind their shiny computers, screen names and avatars and when they’re all done, they can scurry back to their real lives without facing any real consequences.

Trolling makes cowards feel strong.

Name: Patrick John Doran (Calgary/Toronto)

Alias: Mad Shangi
Employer: Dafco Filtration Group, Calgary Facility (although I’ve seen him in Toronto so he may be working at Dafco’s Mississauga plant).

Doran has all the bases covered when it comes to trolling. He’s a racist, misogynist, homophobic asshole and a borderline pedophile. Most of the crap he puts online screams loser better than I can manage. You know it’s bad when men’s rights activists can’t even stand the guy. Even his own family disowned him.

Doran has been banned or suspended from pretty much every social media platform there is but he keeps popping up with the same alias and agenda.

Funny thing about Doran is he’s leaving such a presence online his chance of ever being meaningfully employed is zero.

Name: Blake Hunsley (Halifax)

Employer: Amplify Media, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Following Rehtaeh’s suicide both myself and Leah (Rae’s mom) began to speak publicly about her death and the circumstances of her last two years. Blake Hunsley took it upon himself to call every place he could find that I spoke at to badger them about how much they paid me. He wrote an article about this and basically accused me of profiting from Rehtaeh’s death. Some of these places were sexual assault centers (as if they have nothing better to do).

I received a few phone calls about it from people who were very upset by the nature of his call. One described it as “disturbing.”

Name: Barry Winters (deceased)

Usually it’s not okay to speak ill of the dead, but Barry Winters deserves to be remembered as a monster. Winters took it upon himself to write and post the most vile, sick shit I have ever read. His blog repeatedly threatened to post nude pictures of Rehteah and he accused me of molesting her.

Winters, 62, was charged with the willful promotion of hatred in June, 2017. He died July 4 after suffering a stroke. My guess is once his hate didn’t have a venue for release his heart exploded.

Hate crimes investigators said Winters’ websites used “strong, hate-based rhetoric” that targeted a number of communities on his blogs, the Baconfat Papers and the Baconfat Chronicles. Police alleged Winters also made violent threats against specific individuals in posts on the sites.

Patrick Doran, the guy mentioned above, has taken it upon himself to be the next Barry Winters and openly praises the man.