The following message was posted by Rehtaeh’s mom Leah on Facebook. It’s a wonderful tribute to an amazing soul, RCMP Constable Heidi Stevenson. Heidi, a 23-year veteran of the RCMP, died in the line of duty, protecting the people of Nova Scotia during the devastating murder spree that began Sunday in the village of Portapique.

By Leah Parsons

I would like to share and honour this woman. 
At a time when I had ZERO faith in police and the justice system.
During some of the worst moments of my life 
We called 911 desperate for help the night Rehtaeh acted on that impulse April 4th 2013.

This woman responded from our local RCMP detachment and arrived at my home.
She was sincere, caring and kind.
She accompanied us to the hospital.
She came back to the hospital in the days that followed.
She went above and beyond her job.
She even accompanied us to my daughter’s funeral.

When we held memorial walks for Rehtaeh she volunteered to be our police escort more than once. 

She was the 1st police officer that I had contact with in the 17months leading up to Rehtaehs death that showed me tremendous compassion (excluding you Joe Taplin) I knew she was a beautiful person.

This helped me a lot during this time.

I had to look at her photos a few times these past couple days and get someone to confirm it was her because I was doubting myself. Part of me was hoping it was not this sweet sweet soul that was part of this horrific tragedy . Visions of Heidi came back with a soft expression on her face as we stood in my back bedroom with me desperately trying to explain why Rehtaeh would try to kill herself. 

She is also the 1st person I told “She is not going to live” as my trauma unfolded in front of my eyes. 

I sat with Rehtaeh today in spirit and asked her to welcome this soul that will live on in the hearts of many. Maya Angelou said your legacy is every single life you touch. I’m sure this woman”s legacy reaches far and wide. 

RIP Heidi Stevenson 
You will always be remembered here.