It’s heartbreaking to know what Devan’s family and friends are going through. Devan Selvey was a shy, quiet 14-year-old who, according to his sister, loved animals. 

He was stabbed Monday, in front of his mother, outside Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School in Hamilton’s east end. He died in hospital.

Police won’t confirm whether bullying and the attack were directly connected, but for family members and the wider community, they were. 

“What we want outta this is [for] people to notice bullying is not right and should be stopped at all costs,” Devan’s sister, Sammie Bracci-Colling, told CBC News over Facebook. 

A social media post by Devan’s mother, from early September, points to an incident when he was allegedly jumped by a group of kids and his bike was stolen.

Four teens are in custody and Hamilton police are asking anyone with information or video to please contact them.

Devan, pictured, was identified Monday as the teen who was fatally stabbed outside Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School. (Selvey Family)

A “Candlelight Vigil Against Bullying, Jealousy, Hatefulness and for Love & Peace” will be held in memory of Devan tonight from 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm in front of Sir Winston Churchill School, 1715 Main St E, Hamilton, ON L8H 1E3 .

Karissa Selvey has set up a GoFundMe page to help Devan’s family.

“My brother was murdered. He was a great kid; shy, quiet and always helped his family and friends. He wanted to become a mechanic he loved cars. I shared a love of video games, animals and so much more. He was my best  friend and I don’t know how to live without him. Devan tried to get help with the bullying he was experiencing. He was our world!”

You can make a donation or leave a message here.

How to deal with the grieving process

While grieving a loss is an inevitable part of life, there are ways to help cope with the pain, come to terms with your grief, and eventually, find a way to pick up the pieces.

  1. Acknowledge your pain.
  2. Accept that grief can trigger many different and unexpected emotions.
  3. Understand that your grieving process will be unique to you.
  4. Seek out face-to-face support from people who care about you.
  5. Support yourself emotionally by taking care of yourself physically.
  6. Recognize the difference between grief and depression.

There is no time line for grieving. Do what works for you.