Written by Rehtaeh Parson (sometime between the assault and her death)

I am Rehtaeh Parsons. Born on December 9th, 1995 in Halifax, NS and raised in Cole Harbour, NS. My parents split up before I was even born, but they raised me outstandingly well. I gained different characteristics and learned a lot from each of them. I would consider my family to be very large; my mother and father both have over six siblings. On the other hand though, most of us don’t get along or don’t see each other enough. But the ones I do see mean the world to me, especially my two year old sister, Teaghan. 

One thing I remember quite clearly about my childhood is the animals. My mother is an animal lover and I’ve had animals ranging from pot-belly pigs to rats. My very first pet I got on Christmas morning of 1998; a little puppy that I named Jasper. From then on pets came in and out of every house we lived in. I must admit that I enjoyed it; I believe it taught me how to care for and love all animals. Now, living in a house with four dogs and my mom running a dog rescue, I’m very sick of the noise and messes they make. But I do love them nonetheless. 

At age twelve I became involved in cheerleading and  continued on that sport  until  I  was  fifteen. I believe strongly that cheerleading is indeed a sport, and a very competitive one at that. I was involved in cheer expo several times and my team (Titans) placed high in our division. I always have and will love the teamwork, determination and dedication aspect of cheerleading. After I left the squad I felt regret and have missed the sport ever since.

I have always taken my schoolwork seriously and enjoyed it, for the most part. I excel in Art and English and have always received compliments on my work. My worst subjects would have to be Math and Science, even though I understood it completely up until high school. Another thing I enjoy is reading, I own up to two-hundred and fifty personal books that I’ve bought or have been gifted over the past couple years. 

For me friends has always been a hard thing to keep. I’ve had several different friends that have kept coming back but usually we fight and don’t talk again. This has been a reality for me since grade eight when I lost my best friend to a jealous girl. Thinking about it now, she wasn’t really much of a best friend and more of a follower. Onto to grade nine the same thing happened, three best friends always ends in another being jealous. So, I decided by that point I’d stick to one and I’ve had one best friend ever since. 

A couple months into high school at Cole Harbour High a very traumatic and frightening experience happened to me. This lead to me going into a very deep depression followed by a number of anxiety attacks. I dropped out of school and moved out of Cole Harbour into my aunts house a distance away. I finally realized I have more to live for and I began enrolling in school. Around this time I met my boyfriend, who has been a very supportive aspect of my life. Now having an amazing boyfriend and being back in school I know this has only made me stronger, and I’m excited to see what my future brings.