Yesterday morning I filed a complaint with The Office of the Information Commissioner of Canada against the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for violating Canada’s Access to Information Act.

Recently, the Globe and Mail posted a story by Robyn Doolittle about making requests for police records. She finds that it usually takes “between one and three months for complainants to get copies of police records.”

Todays marks 15 months 11 days since I made my initial request to the Halifax Police for my daughters police files. Below is a letter I sent November 29th to the RCMP’s Access to Information and Privacy Coordinator, Insp. Richard Haye.

I haven’t heard from him, nor do I expect to.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Insp. Richard Haye, B.A. Hons),

CHRP A/Access to Information and Privacy Coordinator RCMP

MAILSTOP #61 73 Leikin 1-855-629-5877ATIPB@rcmp-ca

29 November 2017

Dear Sir,

I am writing to request your assistance in accessing my daughter’s police files (A-2016-07382). Her name is Rehtaeh Anne Parsons and my name is Glen Canning.

I originally applied for her files with the Halifax Police in August, 2016 and that request was passed on to the RCMP Records Office in Ottawa the following month. I am in receipt of the response from the RCMP in Ottawa (September 2016) and at that time my request was submitted for processing.

I called 10 May 2017 to inquire as to the status of my request and was told the RCMP needed six more months as there was a backlog of access to information requestsThe six month extension has expired and I called to check on the status 07 November 2017. A call back the following day informed me the file was shipped to me (in Toronto) at the end of October.

I have not received anything and when I called (613-843-6800) to inquire about not receiving the files I was passed along to the person “who shipped it” but they didn’t pick up.

I left a detailed message (23 November 2017 9:45 AM) and have not heard backAs of this have received nothing and it is now 455 days since my original request.

I am hoping you can help resolve this matter and would appreciate it if you can find out the status of my request.


Glen Canning

File# A-2016-07382