I launched this web site about twenty years ago as a way to share my life and write about the things I found interesting. As a former Apple employee some of my posts were Tech in nature, some reflected my love of photography, and some were just general posts about my travels and life.

Everything changed when my daughter Rehtaeh Parsons died in 2013. Since then I’ve changed a great deal, as has my focus on what matters and what is important, both for my site and in my life.

So, I lost a few posts and some pages along the way for various reasons; hacked once, formatting errors more times then I care to remember, database errors, etc. Throughout it all, the most important posts, the ones about Rehtaeh, are still here and I’m happy about that.

Backend Information

  • the blogging platform I use is WordPress
  • running the WP theme Authentic
  • the most people to visit this site for a single day was 38,901 on Thursday, April 11, 2013
  • the most visited post was the one I wrote after Rehtaeh died – Rehtaeh Parsons Was My Daughter
  • despite all the issues over the years, almost 500,000 people have visited from all over the world
  • the number 1 search term people use to find my site is ‘Rehtaeh Parsons’
  • the 2nd is, disappointingly, the ‘Rehtaeh Parsons rape photo’