Anonymous Message To The Nova Scotia New Democratic Party

by Glen Canning

[box type=”warning” align=”alignleft” width=”94%” ]Message To the Leaders of The Nova Scotia New Democratic Party

Hello, leaders of the NDP, we are Anonymous.

The Dalhousie University Social Media Lab presented evidence recently laying out your domination of the political discussion on its principal medium in Nova Scotia, twitter. Employing bots and paid tweeters, you are using what are undeniably information and cyber warfare tactics against the people of Nova Scotia and the denizens of the internet.

Anonymous has gathered conclusive evidence of widescale and organized manipulation of online discussion by your institution. Let us be clear, Anonymous takes no side in your election. But the internet is our home, and when it comes under attack the collective responds as one.

There are clear examples of your operatives manipulating conversations using the public opinion measuring devices on sites such as : twitter, cbc, facebook, and reddit. We need not point to these examples because they occur on every story, in every political hashtag, and it has become obvious to everyone.

People are not so gullible and inarticulate as you assume, or your personas pretend to be. Opinions every person has the right to express are being silenced by you and it will not be tolerated.

Anonymous is everywhere. Reports of the following disturbing conduct by the Nova Scotia New Democratic Party are currently being investigated by Anonymous:

-the use of infiltration attacks
-the use of widescale trolling tactics
-the use of disinformation campaigns
-the use of mass false spam reports to social media outlets with the goal of suspending dissenting accounts
-the creation of 250 twitter accounts in government offices on the first weekend of the election

These tactics were developed with intent to subvert power, not entrench it. For you to engage in them while others languish in prison for lesser conduct is an affront to us.

Anonymous is cognisant of the fact that the release of this information could influence The Nova Scotian election. But understand this: if this conduct continues we will act. Anonymous hereby gives the Nova Scotia New Democratic Party 72 hours to dissasemble these mechanisms and forbid their use by all party operatives and officials. If a clear and demonstrable change in your actions does not occur additional information will be released.

You have faced political opponents, but we are the final boss of the internet, and this is not a game.

To all Nova Scotians attempting to use these mediums in order to determine your vote or express your opinion: do not let them silence you. Do not let them fool you. Speak up. Question everything. Counter falsehoods with facts. Reason defeats manipulation universally.

Knowledge is free.

We Are Anonymous
We Are Legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Expect Us[/box]




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