A Wonderful Gift

by Glen Canning

Last week we meet with a government official and she passed on to us a book of condolences. Following Rehtaeh’s death the Nova Scotia Government put a condolence page on their web site for people to leave messages. Her death was an international story and we heard from people all over the world. The messages of faith, hope, love, sadness, and sympathy touched our hearts and continue to do so.

The book given to me is just beautiful. It’s hand stitched and it’s obvious a lot of care and attention went into it. The name of this women who made it wasn’t passed on but she has done something so nice for us I wish I could thank her. She printed out every message and went through all the time to make us this gift.

We will treasure it always. Thank you!

Book of Condolences

Book of Condolences

Book of Condolences



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