Hands Up for Rehtaeh

by Glen Canning



A global day of awareness on violence against women, particularly rape culture (the institutional bias against victims and failure to prevent rape and sexual assault) is planned for June 7th, 2013. To be a part of this campaign write “Rehtaeh” on your wrist to let the world know you stand against rape culture.

When you do post a photo of your wrist (with “Rehtaeh” written on it) on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and explain why you’re doing so.

Hashtag on Instagram and Twitter with #handsup4rehtaeh.

The Facebook page for this event is here. The Page states that Rehtaeh’s death:

“…has been linked to a photo of her rape (17 months prior) being circulated via texting among her school and community and the failure of the Canadian justice system in adequately addressing the assault and its aftermath.

“In light of this, Steubenville, and numerous other rapes and sexual assaults in the news, we are making a call to action.

“We are tired of girls and women being treated like sexual objects and the effect rape culture has on global society.”

I’ve seen some really beautiful photos so far including this one from a close friend in Germany:



Why My Hand is Up for Rehtaeh Parsons

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