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my daughter,
Rehtaeh Parsons

My Daughter Rehtaeh Parsons offers an unsparing look at Rehtaeh’s story, the social forces that enable and perpetuate violence and misogyny among teenagers, and parental love in the midst of horrendous loss.

Life takes some horrible turns and all you can do is pick yourself up and keep going. Our daughter, Rehtaeh Parsons, died April 7th, 2013 by suicide at the age of 17. Her death left us devastated.

Life can be cruel and life can be hard. Learn from your past and grow as you walk your path. There is healing in adventure and joy can be found along the way. Especially if the journey is shared with someone you love and loves you unconditionally.

We wish you peace and hope you join us!

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Glen Canning is an advocate for victims of sexual assault. He has spoken about Rehtaeh’s experience throughout Canada and the US.

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