My Videos

I started shooting video while working freelance for the Halifax Daily News and went into it pretty hard. I’d say I spent thousands of dollars on video equipment over the years. When the paper folded I ended up working for CTV News as a cameraman for a couple years.

You can check out my YouTube channel for my complete video playlist. I’ve talked to Kirsta about helping me making some good movies during our upcoming roadtrip so stay tuned for them.

Presently my equipment consists of an older SONY camcorder, my iPhone, an OSMO Pocket, and a decent RODE microphone. For editing I use iMovie or Final Cut Pro and Audacity for editing audio files.

Travel Videos

South Africa – July 2009

Peggy’s Cove – October 2007

Cozumel, Mexico – June 2011

Cape Split – October 2011

Dubrovnik, Croatia – August 2019

Halifax to Toronto – Feb 2016

Cancun, Mexico – Jan 2008

Tulum, Mexico – Jan 2008

Editorial Videos

Occupy Halifax – Oct 2011

Occupy Halifax – Oct 2011

Jack Layton Tribute

Poet El Jones – Aug 2008

Reed Jones – Dog Walk Park

Antonov 124

Dartmouth Multicultural Festival

Hurricane Noel – Feb 2008