1 05, 2024

Sexual Assault – How to Help Someone

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Has someone told you they’ve experienced sexualized violence? Your response will have a big impact on their wellbeing and healing. Remember that sexualized violence is never the fault of the person who has experienced it. No-one asks for, invites or deserves sexualized violence. You don’t have to be a counsellor or a therapist to

19 03, 2024

A Man’s Guide to Talking About Rape

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I was sexually assaulted by a woman in 1983 while serving with the Navy in Halifax. Being a young man with some money I drank more than I should have and ended up in a house I was unfamiliar with. Someone there put me to bed, but they didn't leave me alone. I remember

21 11, 2023


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An open letter, with more than 2,100 listed signees, has drawn international media attention with it's demands for Canadian political leaders to seek an immediate ceasefire and for the opening of humanitarian corridors in Gaza. It also urges our government to call on Israel to free all Palestinian prisoners, lift its siege on Gaza,

Are You in Crisis?

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