3 03, 2020

Vlog – Healing From Loss

2020-03-04T17:10:53+00:00March 3rd, 2020|Categories: Mental Health, Random Posts|Tags: , , , , |

I've started a Vlog style means of sharing. This is the first of what I hope to be many video posts on my site. It seems much easier and I think it's a better way to share updates. I recently made a very hard decision. I need to step back from public speaking for a

13 02, 2020

Rest in Peace Christie

2020-12-05T16:08:41+00:00February 13th, 2020|Categories: Random Posts, Rehtaeh Parsons|Tags: , |

One of Canada's most iconic journalists died yesterday. Christie Blatchford, 68, passed away following a short battle with cancer. I met Christie once while out walking my pug Ozzy. I've read a lot about how she loved dogs and there wasn't a dog in Toronto she didn't want to say hello too. At first I

6 11, 2019

Thank You, South and Central America

2019-11-13T16:06:40+00:00November 6th, 2019|Categories: Rehtaeh Parsons|Tags: , |

The Girl in the Photo, produced for the Discovery Channel, was recently broadcast in South America. The episode Web of Lies is the story of Rehtaeh and how her life was destroyed by rape, victim blaming, and institutional failures. I can always tell when a show featuring Rehtaeh has been shown as my inbox fills

9 05, 2019

I Am Rehtaeh Parsons

2019-05-09T20:51:05+00:00May 9th, 2019|Categories: Random Posts, Rehtaeh Parsons|Tags: |

Written by Rehtaeh Parson (sometime between the assault and her death) I am Rehtaeh Parsons. Born on December 9th, 1995 in Halifax, NS and raised in Cole Harbour, NS. My parents split up before I was even born, but they raised me outstandingly well. I gained different characteristics and learned a lot from each of

10 04, 2019

A Donor Recipient

2019-04-10T15:14:59+00:00April 10th, 2019|Categories: Random Posts, Rehtaeh Parsons|Tags: , |

A couple days ago I posted a letter we received from the donor recipient of Rehtaeh’s heart. This post is from a recipient of one of her kidneys. We’ve become friends since then and I’m grateful for his kindness and support. Today is also his birthday. Written on Facebook on the 10th of April, 2018.

8 04, 2019

Dear Donor Recipient

2019-04-08T17:51:08+00:00April 8th, 2019|Categories: Random Posts, Rehtaeh Parsons|Tags: |

I imagine this day six years ago was pretty hectic for you. A phone call, frantic packing to get ready, the nervous preparations for an operation that would change your life. For us, the preparations were much different. A church service, picking a grave site, phone calls from family and friends, and trying to figure

4 04, 2019

In Loving Memory of Rehtaeh Anne Parsons

2019-04-04T14:26:02+00:00April 4th, 2019|Categories: Random Posts, Rehtaeh Parsons|Tags: |

Well, today is here again, and again I'm breaking into pieces. I don't have a poem or story about loss, or grief, or love. I just have this photo I looked at this morning and thought of what I would give to sit on that bench beside you for just one minute. I would give

2 04, 2019

Thank You Lauren Hill Academy, Montreal

2019-04-03T15:11:15+00:00April 2nd, 2019|Categories: Random Posts|Tags: |

It was a pleasure meeting you all today and talk about Rehtaeh. Every time I get the chance to share her story I feel as if her voice is heard and her life had meaning. Remember, if you need help please talk to a teacher, your parents, or a school counsellor.

19 02, 2019

I Never Called Her #suicideawareness = #suicideprevention

2019-02-19T06:34:58+00:00February 19th, 2019|Categories: Rehtaeh Parsons|Tags: , , |

I never called my daughter on the day she died. I had always been so proud of how often we talked to each other, but on the day she died I never called. I remember sitting on the couch and thinking about calling her, but I didn’t. I went to bed and woke up to a […]

9 04, 2018

A Tribute to Rehtaeh

2018-04-09T06:35:13+00:00April 9th, 2018|Categories: Rehtaeh Parsons|Tags: |

Originally posted on Huffington Post Canada – 5 Years Later, Rehtaeh’s Tragedy Is A Story Of Hope Five years isn’t a very long time when you live under the umbrella of loss and grief. I wanted to write something to honour the memory of my daughter Rehtaeh on the fifth anniversary of her death but […]

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