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A Donor Recipient

A couple days ago I posted a letter we received from the donor recipient of Rehtaeh’s heart. This post is from a recipient of one of her kidneys. We’ve become friends since then and I’m grateful for his kindness and support. Today is also his birthday. Written on Facebook on the 10th of April, 2018.

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Dear Donor Recipient

I imagine this day six years ago was pretty hectic for you. A phone call, frantic packing to get ready, the nervous preparations for an operation that would change your life. For us, the preparations were much different. A church service, picking a grave site, phone calls from family and friends, and trying to figure

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In Loving Memory of Rehtaeh Anne Parsons

Well, today is here again, and again I'm breaking into pieces. I don't have a poem or story about loss, or grief, or love. I just have this photo I looked at this morning and thought of what I would give to sit on that bench beside you for just one minute. I would give

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I Never Called Her #suicideawareness = #suicideprevention

I never called my daughter on the day she died. I had always been so proud of how often we talked to each other, but on the day she died I never called. I remember sitting on the couch and thinking about calling her, but I didn’t. I went to bed and woke up to a […]

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Five Years Ago Today We Said Goodbye #RehtaehParsons

Five years ago today I spoke to my daughter Rehtaeh for the last time. I picked her up from an appointment on Quinpool Road in Halifax at 9 PM to drive her home. Along the way we talked about God, the , Buddha, forgiveness, jobs, friends, her iPad, her boyfriend, her friends, therapy, university, love, her […]

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Early this morning we said goodbye to our little guy, Ozzy. He was 13 years old. I first met Ozzy at the SPCA after I received a frantic call from Rehtaeh. She was 10 at the time and did volunteer work there. Someone abandoned a six month old pug and that was it. Rae was […]

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Champlain College makes Rehtaeh an Honorary Student

Written by Sheila Quinn Today was a very proud day for us on campus at Champlain College – Lennoxville. We celebrated our student volunteers with a banquet, where we unveiled Jake Rose’s incredible sculpture, designed with such compassion, care and intent, to hold the stone decorated by Rehtaeh Parsons’ mum, Leah Parsons. After Rehtaeh’s dad, […]

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Myths, Misconceptions, and Rape Culture

A concept that links rape and sexual violence to the culture of a society, and in which prevalent attitudes and practices normalize, excuse, tolerate, and even condone rape. Examples of behaviors commonly associated with rape culture include victim blaming, sexual objectification, and trivializing rape. Below is a list of questions, myths, and misconceptions regarding Rehtaeh’s case […]

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