Barcelona, Spain July 2013

Barcelona was one of the nicest city’s we’ve been too. It has it all – beauty, food, spirits, sites, history, beaches, and romance. 

The break was nice but it was hard not to think of Rehtaeh. She would have loved Barcelona, especially swimming in the Med and the food.

We stayed at a Vacation Rental By Owner (VRBO) rooftop villa a half hour walk from the city centre. VRBO’s are the best deals around if you can find a good one. This one was perfect! A kitchen, wash machine, terrace under the sun, a cozy living room, and nice bed. Everything you could want or need for a home away from home.

First thing we did once we settled in was head to a store for some groceries. The prices are pretty good and the fruit selection was too. Lots of little deli’s and fruit stands around. Every street seemed to have them. We ate a combo of our own prepared meals, deli’s treats, and restaurants.

We’re not big shoppers but we both managed to get new footwear. The tourist shops are all over the place and they barter for prices. Not a big fan.

We brought back a beautiful painting. Always a good choice for a souvenir.

Tips for Barcelona:

  • Cabs from airport to the city centre run about $35-40 Euros.
  • You’ll need a good pair of walking shoes. We walked for six hours one day just getting lost.
  • The parks are beautiful, even the smaller ones. Relax and enjoy them.
  • We found a compromised ATM machine. Keep your wits when using them and pick one close to a bank.
  • Whatever people say about pick pockets ignore. Be smart, it’s not that bad.
  • The beaches are really nice and it’s only $18 Euros to rent two chairs and an umbrella for the day. And the sand gets very hot!
  • Sangria de Cava’s are the best!

07 July 2013

Of course I had to find the local Apple Store. Being an Apple fan it was a must see and I was surprised by the size of it. Two levels and a lot of ground floor space.

The first floor was pretty much Apple products and a few accessories while the second featured the Genius Bar and the Creative training area. Just a beautiful store and I managed to get a card for my collection.

Thanks Sergi!

This was the second time I’ve visited Barcelona, Spain. The first time I was a sailor in the Canadian Navy and this was my very first port of call.  A lot changed between 1983 and 2013. Gone are the bars and brothels that littered La Rambla. I saw a man get stabbed in 1983, now the city is as safe as any city.

Barcelona was our first trip after Rehtaeh died and we almost canceled it. I’m so glad we went.