Two years ago I was fortunate enough to retire early. Since then, I’ve learned more about myself than I ever thought possible.

On my last day at work, I felt brave enough to talk openly for the first time about my struggles with anxiety and depression. It was crazy emotional for me but I felt I owed my team the truth. My truth.

There is more of my truth to uncover. It has been slowly revealing itself. I’ve always been good at identifying patterns and trends over time.

Post retirement, I turned that radar on myself. I began studying my life long challenges and own personal patterns of behaviour. Glen tells me I’m a person who absolutely has to ‘get to the bottom’ of things.

My research led to revelations that were both shocking yet, oddly, comforting. Little did I know where ‘the need to understand’ would take me. I’m scared to write here. I also know that I have to.

I guess I believe that truth must be shared. If you’re willing, maybe that could be with you.