“Who am I to you anyways? I am a person. I am the person who lost her power, you stole it that night. I am the person who had to rely on strangers because I couldn’t stand to be in my body and had no where to let myself die.

I was humanless to you, a dumpster for your pain. My insides paid the price. I am somebody’s daughter. I try to cut out the pain you seeded into me, my body absorbed and now you won’t leave my existence.

I am here for me. I am here for me to speak my truth. I am the body you ruined. I am the soul you crushed. I am the one who healed alone.

I am the person that for every single thing you took from me, another area of MY life lost out. I am the one who almost died because of you. I am not your friend. I am the human who’s soul you fed off of, who’s life you destroyed and the last thing I will be is anything of yours. I am not your victim, although you are the reasoning for that label to my name. I am a survivor. I survived you. I am strong. I am powerful. My name is Candace. I am the woman you raped on June 30, 2018. This is who I am to you.”

My name is Candace and Troy Schank raped me on June 30, 2018.

Thank you for reading my truth.

Troy Schank was already in custody for rape when he pleaded guilty in a Kamloops courtroom to two more sexual assaults. For some reason the crown agreed to a five year sentence for a serial rapist without remorse.

He’ll get out and this will happen again.