Younan’s report also outlines the impact on the victim and states she “explicitly told the men she was not comfortable” and asked the men to stop. The players, according to the report, allegedly then took turns slapping her.

This month in a London, Ontario, courtroom, five former players on Team Canada’s 2018 World Junior hockey team appeared for their first court hearing. The players are Michael McLeod and Cal Foote of the New Jersey Devils, Dillon Dubé of the Calgary Flames, Carter Hart of the Philadelphia Flyers, and former NHLer Alex Formenton.

All are charged with one count of sexual assault, while McLeod is also charged with one count of being party to the offence.

At a news conference held February 5th, London Police Chief Thai Truong apologized to a complainant and her family on behalf of the force for taking almost six years to charge the five men involved. It’s unclear at this time why the case wasn’t properly handled when it was first reported or what the reason was for reopening the investigation.

It’s also unclear why the file, once closed, wasn’t passed on to London’s Violence Against Women Advocate Case Review Committee (VACR) for review. The committee’s job is to independently review every case by the London Police Service (LPS) that ends in no charges, ideally within three to four months of it being closed.

There is also a case being investigated by the Halifax Police Department. They opened its case last July after TSN learned of a video following the Hockey Canada  revelations that they have been settling sexual assault claims using money generated from registration fees.

According to information from CBC News, a man who watched the video claims:

“I seen a hockey player of the 2003 World Junior Team, a Canadian player, take a video camera and turn it towards himself and say, ‘This is going to be a lamb roast.’ There was five or six naked players all masturbating with one person having sex with a girl on a bed who seemed extremely intoxicated,” said the man.

In July, 2022, Sport Minister Pascale St-Onge said that the new allegations surrounding the 2003 team was another blow to Hockey Canada’s reputation.

“Once again, like all Canadians, I am appalled and angry,” said St-Onge. “It is clear that the culture of silence and the trivialization of sexual violence is well entrenched in the culture of this sport.”

I have no idea how this case going to play, out but my heart breaks for the woman involved; both for what happened and for what’s about too. We all know the disfunction of the justice system when it comes to sexual violence.

It’ll more than likely be another part of the crime.

The videos below provide a more in-depth look at the London case. You can also find more information as it unfolds from TSN senior correspondent, Rick Westhead.

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