Every year I commit to writing more but life has a way of putting other things in front of you so it falls off to the side. Recently I purchased a book called Writing the Shadow: Turn Your Inner Darkness Into Words by Joanna Penn, and I’m planning to go chapter by chapter and post what I write.

I’m doing this to expand my writing landscape as well as to help my wife Krista explore her past through writing exercises. So we’re doing it together but only I’ll share, for now.

The first chapter explores triggers. “Being triggered means that you experience a strong negative emotional reaction in response to a current situation that is disturbing to you in some way. For individuals with a history of trauma or abuse, triggers are often stimuli that bring up involuntary memories of their traumatic past experiences,” says Amy Mezulis, PhD, the co-founder and chief clinical officer of Joon.

So, what triggers you? How do you know you’ve been triggered? Why do you react the way you do, and how do you get through it? I’ll add my answers as soon as I have them written down and would love to hear how others deal with triggers.

What triggers you?