I noticed a guy ruffling through his trunk in a duffle bag, I didn’t really think much of it. I was leaving, and he was walking [towards Franklin Road North]. I noticed he was adjusting his hood and he looked a bit suspicious because he kept looking behind him. I was watching him in my mirror and then he took a run at this girl and tackled her to the ground. Right away, I slam my brakes on and threw it in reverse.

Steve Allen, Allen's Contracting

A Kitchener man named Shane Allen was heading to work Monday morning when he saw a suspicious man near his house. He checked his rearview mirror as he drove away as sure enough his instincts were right.

Allen watched the man run across the street to a bus stop and attack a young woman waiting there alone. So he hit the brakes, put it in reverse, and stopped something truly horrific.

He checked on the woman before heading after the man. On Tuesday, Waterloo Regional Police Service (WRPS) confirmed a 31-year-old Kitchener man has been arrested and charged with sexual assault.

Good job Shane!

Good Samaritan stops sex assault at bus stop in Ont.