The killing of a young woman in Italy, allegedly at the hands of her possessive ex-boyfriend, has shocked the country and prompted a reckoning about violence against women.

On 11 November – days before 22-year-old Giulia Cecchettin was due to get her biomedical engineering degree – she went to buy her graduation outfit with her ex-boyfriend Filippo Turetta.

A few days later, CCTV footage emerged showing the final moments of her life.

Mr Turetta, 22, can be seen beating Cecchettin in a car park close to her house in Vigonovo, near Venice. She tried to escape, but prosecutors say he put duct tape on her mouth, forced her into his car and drove to an industrial area, where he attacked her again.

After a week-long search, her body was found at the bottom of a ditch, wrapped in black plastic bags. Her remains bore signs of a brutal murder – her head and neck covered with at least 20 deep stab wounds.

Ms Cecchettin’s sister Elena said she had been concerned about his possessiveness, but never imagined he could hurt her.
She pointed to a patriarchal culture of violence and control over women that normalises men’s dangerous behaviour.

“Filippo is often described as a monster, but he’s not a monster,” Elena told Italian media. “A monster is an exception, a person who’s outside society, a person for whom society doesn’t need to take responsibility.

“Monsters are healthy sons of the patriarchy and rape culture,” she added.

Source: BBC

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