An open letter, with more than 2,100 listed signees, has drawn international media attention with it’s demands for Canadian political leaders to seek an immediate ceasefire and for the opening of humanitarian corridors in Gaza. It also urges our government to call on Israel to free all Palestinian prisoners, lift its siege on Gaza, and end its illegal occupation.

But that’s not why it getting attention.

I have no idea why that statement about Jagmeet Singh is in there or who would put something like that in a letter. Singh “repeated the unverified accusations that Palestinians were guilty of sexual violence, …

Why would anyone put their name on something like that?

The language used against Singh is concerning because it casts doubt on the validity of the numerous stories that Hamas committed acts of sexual violence during the October massacre. Does anyone really believe that the men who shot screaming children in their beds would then draw the line when it comes to rape? Or that a politician speaking out against one of the worst war crimes imaginable has gone to far?

By signing a letter critical of those speaking out against sexual violence, the signees joined in the chorus of those who don’t believe women unless there’s verified proof. It’s shameful, and they should know better.

Eyewitness accounts of survivors and first responders reveal that on Oct. 7th Hamas terrorists brutally raped Israeli women and children before (and after) murdering them.

Based on testimonies of captured Hamas terrorists we learned that Hamas terrorists had received a Fatwa (religious permission) from their leaders to perform these unspeakable acts of violence as part of their “resistance”.

We except the women of the world to stand in solidarity today and say in a unified voice- rape is NOT legitimate resistance.

It is a crime against humanity.