29 11, 2023

Monsters are Healthy Sons of the Patriarchy

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The killing of a young woman in Italy, allegedly at the hands of her possessive ex-boyfriend, has shocked the country and prompted a reckoning about violence against women.On 11 November - days before 22-year-old Giulia Cecchettin was due to get her biomedical engineering degree - she went to buy her graduation outfit with her ex-boyfriend

21 11, 2023


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An open letter, with more than 2,100 listed signees, has drawn international media attention with it's demands for Canadian political leaders to seek an immediate ceasefire and for the opening of humanitarian corridors in Gaza. It also urges our government to call on Israel to free all Palestinian prisoners, lift its siege on Gaza,

18 11, 2023

To Be A Man

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Shame on me for not knowing about Dax and his music until today. Just listened to To Be A Man, while sitting on the couch with my brother and it's a touching song with some powerful lyrics. It's always good when a young man talks about the importance of expressing emotions in a healthy

11 11, 2023

Lest We Forget

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PO2 Craig Blake, a member of Fleet Diving Unit (Atlantic), died after an improvised explosive device (IED) detonated about 25 kilometres southwest of Kandahar City in Panjwai district on May 3, 2010. Only two weeks into his first tour of the country as an explosive ordnance disposal operator, he was returning to camp after

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