“Journal writing gives us insights into who we are, who we were, and who we can become.”

Sandra Marinella

The Story You Need to Tell: Writing to Heal from Trauma, Illness, or Loss

The oldest journal entry I have is from the day my daughter was born, December 9th, 1995. I started writing down my thoughts much earlier but realized after a few years they weren’t really my thoughts, they were what I thought others would want me to write down and reflected how someone else saw me. That’s how badly I needed to do it, to write from my heart.

Now I write more, but it’s still far from everyday. I just write when something starts to bother me and those thoughts start to ruminate in my mind, over and over again until they stain my joy. It’s a good way to gain clarity in your thinking as you can read over what you wrote and see if it’s an honest reflection of your truth. Often times I come to see my thinking gets clouded with anger or the dreaded and useless what if’s.

No matter how old you are or where you happen to find yourself in life, if you seek insight into your soul I highly recommend picking up a journal and begin writing. Write from your heart, write for you. You’ll be surprised how quickly it can steady your soul and help you live your truth. Journaling goes a long way to living an authentic life.