HipCamp was founded by Alyssa Ravasio in 2013 following a crappy experience finding good spots to watch the sunset in California.  Since then, “Hipcamp has since grown into the most comprehensive resource for discovering and booking unique outdoor stays including tent camping, RV parks, cabins, treehouses, and glamping.

It’s definitely a unique experience and if our first stay is any indicator we’ll be using HipCamp as often as we can from here. Not only do you get a better experience, you can also book to stay on a farm or on more isolated property.

The HipCamp we choose was located just north of Salmo, B.C., on a private parcel of land surrounded by mountains, nature, and The Great Northern Rail Trail that runs from Salmo to Nelson, B.C. The hosts live on the land we camped on and they also have a yurt for yoga therapy and dance so the vibe of their property was laidback and chill.

Our time at the first campsite has us checking out HipCamps all along the west coast and we’re looking forward to using them as an option for camping. They just have a better feel than a crowded campground or RV Park.

A family of four passed by our camp almost every morning and evening as they hiked to and from a cabin set two kilometers back in the woods that the hosts rent out. It was nice to see them having such a memorable experience.

Salmo itself is a very liveable and quiet town with an old-growth forest along the Salmo River. We hiked through the forest and took a quick dip in the river. To be honest we really needed it, last week was stressful.

Before we left Salmo to spend a week in Nelson, we paid a visit to Heritage Hub Ink for matching dog paw tattoos. We got a paw print for Ozzy and a tiny pink paw print for Alice. Suzi Q is an amazing tattoo artist and person if you ever need some ink while on a journey through southern B.C.

I’ll try to post more updates going forward. The last couple weeks knocked the wind out of me, even knowing it was the right thing to do.

See you on the road!