We enhanced our trip and bought a teardrop trailer for a number of reasons. We love our iKamper, but for a trip of this length it started to feel we had no ‘space’ for ourselves and were living out of our car. Even cooking a good meal was getting affected by the lack of space.

So we made the decision while staying in Grasslands National Park that we needed to add something for space and comfort. I never liked the idea of towing a travel trailer but knew a teardrop would work. Basically we bought a mattress on wheels with a kitchen in the back, an AC unit, and a heater.

The teardrop we purchased on Thursday from Western RV in Lethbridge, Alberta, is a Braxton Creek Bushwacker 10HD. There was a couple used teardrops we went to see but neither of them felt like something we could trust. One was home made and looked like it would take a lot to get it on the road and the other sat on a yard for the last couple years and rotted. Both of them were going for a price close to what we paid for a new one so might as well get something with a warranty and peace of mind.

Today I drove from Lethbridge to Cranbrook, B.C. and didn’t feel stressed about towing it once. Even maneuvering in a hotel parking lot was easy. The trailer weighs 1300 lbs and is only 13′ long so it’s easy.

We’re staying here in Cranbrook for a few days just to chill. It was stressful buying a trailer and we needed to first get a hitch installed then get it registered for the road. Not an easy thing to do being an Ontario resident in Alberta but we worked it out. Our next stop is at a HipCamp near Nelson, B.C. and we’re excited about staying there in our new digs for a solid week.