Everyday is a learning experience we appreciate and grow with each new lesson. We’re almost two weeks in and today we passed the 2,000 kilometer mark.

The biggest take away from the last few days was not to push the weather Gods and put dry comfort first. It rained a full day and night when we stayed in Algonquin Provincial Park, followed by two days of sunshine so were able to dry anything that got wet. Fortunately the iKamper didn’t leaked a drop and we slept through like babies and actually enjoyed the time we spent there, even the wet day.

Lake Superior Park was another story as the weather changed after our first night and the forecast called for heavy rain and severe thunderstorms for the next 24 hrs or more. Rather than risk a good soaking we pulled up camp and headed to a motel along the way and rebooked another campground nearer the Ontario/Manitoba border. Our departure wasn’t as pretty as we’d of liked as the rain came fast and hard once we decided to go and the car was a bit of a mess.

So our mission for today was to clean the car and make what we have easier to find, use, and put away. We’re also adjusting what we have/need as we go and committed to not using box stores again.

Have a good day friends.