21 06, 2022

Rest in Peace – Edward Lake

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This post contains talk of suicide. If you need help please contact your nearest suicide support hotline. Talking helps, trust me on that. “The pain is excruciating, the pain in mine and my wife’s eyes are too much to bare.” Edward Lake Edward Lake, the father of three young children killed by

15 06, 2022

The Best Part of Letting Things Go

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The best part of letting things go is the joy you get from what's left. Following the death of my father in 2006, I realized there are things you should hang onto and things you shouldn't. When I was called with the news he passed, I was asked if I wanted to see

14 06, 2022

Road Trip Update

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It's been awhile since I last updated our road trip agenda, not counting yesterday's post about our new rooftop tent. We have just over two weeks left until Krista retires and we hit the highway. We're nervous and anxious, even though we planned this well. One adjustment to the plan was made at the

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