I’ve always liked the designing, graphics, writing, and coding that goes into creating a web site. This past week I came up with something a little easier on the eyes and simpler to keep up with. Hope you like it and I’m always open to feedback on the layout or any typos you find.

If you want the technical aspects of it, I use WordPress as a blogging platform and Avada as a base theme. I usually post from the browser on my laptop but there are other ways, apps for instance.

When I don’t have access to an Internet connection, MarsEdit lets me write and save drafts of posts on my laptop. Once I’m connected I can upload them along with any photos. This will be vital during our upcoming road trip. It’s a nice program for blogging if you’re interested.

Why am I telling you this? Telling stories is a part of our nature and I love sharing my life, even the hard parts. If you have something you need to share please consider starting  blog. You can do it for free and, at least for me, it gives a great sense of peace to just write.