Since I was a child I’ve been drawn to the grounding power of nature. The still quite, the russling leaves, the sounds of life and the big sky overhead. It all draws me in and folds me up with peace.

We’ve been planning another road trip for the past few months. Our last big trip on the road was in Iceland and we think of how much we loved it there all the time. So, how do we do a do over that brings the best of that trip along with another trip to a much different place?

For me it’s easy, the best of the Iceland trip was the company I’m with and the ease of our life together. Being on the same page and in love makes any trip a good trip, whether we go to Iceland, South Africa, Venice, Las Vegas, and to the cottage.

The biggest difference this time will be … time. We plan on spending the maximum we’re allowed to (six months) in the United States and we’ll be starting off with a three months of overlanding in Canada. A nine month trip!

So, we’re shopping for a Subaru Outback and a rooftop tent. We settled on that after starting off thinking a Class C RV, then a Class B, on to building our own camper, to a teardrop trailer, and finally just a SUV and a tent. Simplicity is joy.

I’ll keep you posted and if anyone has ideas or awesome places to see/stay/camp please let us know. The route so far is Toronto to Vancouver then south to California before heading East to Florida and back north to wherever home will be.

Take care of yourself today.