After nearly seven years of sharing Rehtaeh’s story, I’ve decided to step back for a while to focus on trying to accept that the second half of my life will be lived without her.

The last six and a half years have been unbelievably difficult on my well being and health. I need to spend time focusing on things that heal outside the shadow of anxiety, anger, fear, and depression.

Rehtaeh’s story was told in more high schools than I can remember, many universities, conferences, and meetings. She deserved to be remembered. I honestly know sharing her life changed many people and possibly saved some.

I’m thankful and grateful to the point I doubt I’ll ever find the rights words. I’m thankful I was able to connect with so many wonderful Canadians fighting to change the world and make Canada safer for all of us.

Especially all the young men who heard Rehtaeh’s story and made a commitment not only to be better themselves, but to encourage others to do the same.

Today I’m in Costa Rica. A last minute cancelation opened a door for me to attend a healing workshop at a retreat deep in the jungle. Sometimes I know I have someone watching over me. Someone who saw me struggle and sent a gift that I know will change my life.

Today I’m in San Jose. I stayed here last night after flying in from Toronto. Soon I’ll head to The Retreat to start a journey of healing, forgiveness, and renewal.

This isn’t an ending, this is a new beginning.

Namaste my friends.