17 10, 2019

There’s a Rapist in Our School

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Cape Elizabeth High School sophomore Aela Mansmann posted a sticky note in a bathroom of her school that states, “There’s a rapist in our school and you know who it is.” According to Teen Vogue, "numerous girls at Aela Mansmann's Maine high school had come forward with allegations of abuse" against fellow classmates. To call

14 10, 2019

ManUp Radio Interview

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"It all started in Nova Scotia with a young girl named Rehtaeh Parsons." Darren Trafford spoke to CBC's Ontario Morning with Wei Chen about the ManUp program that he is helping to launch at Georgian College in Orillia. ManUp is usually a high school program and seeing it move into a college is a great

10 10, 2019

#WorldMental HealthDay 2019

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Every 40 seconds, someone loses their life to suicide.  On 10 October, raise awareness of the scale of suicide around the world and the role that each of us can play to help prevent it. The theme of this year’s event is suicide and suicide prevention. Every year close to 800,000 people globally take their own

9 10, 2019

Rest in Peace Devan

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It's heartbreaking to know what Devan's family and friends are going through. Devan Selvey was a shy, quiet 14-year-old who, according to his sister, loved animals.  He was stabbed Monday, in front of his mother, outside Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School in Hamilton's east end. He died in hospital. Police won't confirm whether bullying and

1 10, 2019

For the Love of Men

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Glad I had the opportunity to be part of such an important book. For the Love of Men: A New Vision for Mindful Masculinity, is a newly released book by journalist Liz Plank. Between each chapter is a short essay about men with "interwoven identities that captures and reveals the urgency of a conversation about

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Contact Crisis Services Canada or your local mental health hotline.

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