I meet Jordan only a couple times but those few minutes had a lasting impact. It’s not often you come across the opportunity to be in a room with someone so kind, open, and alive. Jordan dreamed big.

Jordan passed away Sunday following an asthma attack. He was 26.

I am becoming a paradise. 
Long suffering is teaching me patience. 
Weakness is teaching me humility. 
Loneliness is teaching me love. 
Breathlessness is teaching me to breathe. 
Anxiety is teaching me self-control. 
Chaos is teaching me discipline. 
Depression is teaching me subtle joy.
When I am able to see my struggles as seeds, all of the sudden every bit of suffering adds to my eden. And it is in the garden of the lessons I have learned, during most painful moments of my life, that I will abide amidst the most powerful peace there is. Peace of mind, heart & soul.

~ Jordan Viera