Can’t believe it’s taken me this long to visit California.

From Toronto our flight took five hours and the San Diego airport is only a few minutes drive to where we’re staying. Krista is here for a conference so I came too because I hate to be away from her.

We arrived Sunday and are staying right on the waterfront. Yesterday, we went out to eat in the Gaslamp Quarter, right across the street from our hotel. There are at least 35 restaurants and bars within a two block radius plus lots of touristy shops. It’s a very ‘French Quarter’ of New Orleans kind of place, but with a more Mexican flare.

We’ve had some great food so far. Funky Garcia’s is a good spot for Taco’s and a Corona while up the street Cold Beer and Cheeseburgers is a nice spot for beer and, obviously, cheeseburgers.

Had a taco plate today for lunch at El Chingon and was not disappointed.

Funky Garcia’s

I went for a 10km walk along the bay and it’s a beautiful place. There’s shops, restaurants, pubs, boat trips, bike rentals, and the USS Midway aircraft carrier museum.

The USS Midway

It would be impossible to squeeze San Diego into a four night stay. We searched some of the better things to do and see while here so it’s been busy. AMaeTV has a decent YouTube video that was helpful for sorting out what is important.

Rock balancing guy on the waterfront.
The Kiss

San Diego has a scooter/bicycle rental service that, going by what we saw, is pretty popular. You need to download an app to unlock them and once you sign up it’s about $0.15 a minute.

Bayfront Fishing Pier
Gaslamp District

Like most city’s in the world today, San Diego has issues with homeless people and it’s sad. The city ranks fourth in the United States in terms of people living on the street. If you go and have some extra cash at the end of your trip please making a donation to Father Joe’s Villages.

We had a short stay and Krista spent most of her time at a conference so we really didn’t get to see as much as we would have liked. That said, San Diego seems like a nice place to visit with plenty of things to do and see.