International Womens Day #IWD2019

by Glen Canning

To the amazing women in my life. You inspire me every day. I salute you.

To my wife Krista, who gets up every day and inspires me to do the same – I love you. You are my rock, my strength, and my refuge.

My wonderful daughter Rehtaeh – I’m sorry the world is like this, but we’re working to change it, even if we do it one person at a time. I miss you. Time has done nothing to take away the grief I feel. I will love you forever Peanut.

You didn’t go quietly into the night, you shot across the sky like a meteor.

For the women in Canada who’ll get up this morning, go into work, and help victims of sexual violence navigate through a nightmare – you are the true heroes. I hope today brings you peace.

God bless you.

I’m lucky to have so many inspiring, strong, and supportive women in my life. You are examples of who I want to be. I’d be writing all day if I named you all. Thank you!


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