Boys Don’t Cry | White Ribbon PSA

by Glen Canning

White Ribbon’s “Boys Don’t Cry” video draws attention to the impact of rigid gender stereotypes on boys throughout the life cycle. To create healthier masculinities, we need to encourage boys and men to express a full range of emotions and understand the positive difference they can make when they do. Efforts to eradicate gender inequality and all forms of gender-based violence require that we rethink harmful aspects of masculinity in order to promote healthier, peaceful and inclusive alternatives. 

Boys can be loving.
Boys can be shy.
Boys can be sad.
Boys can be self-conscious. Boys can be intelligent. But boys can’t be afraid. Boys can’t be gentle.

Boys can’t be weak. Boys can’t be timid. Boys can’t be hurt.
Boys can’t be powerless. Boys can’t be submissive. Because boys don’t cry. Boys will be boys.

Or they can be so much more.
Help us promote a healthier, more positive masculinity.

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