Blaming victims of sexual assault has been around since the days of Lot, when the biblical hero raped his own children and blamed it on them and alcohol. If you know the story, you’d also know a few days earlier Lot offered his daughters to some street gang “to do with as you please.” At the time, sons had value while the value of a daughter depended on the value she had as the property of a man.

That in part is where rape culture comes from; society’s need to excuse the actions of men while holding women up to ridiculous standards of biblical purity. A few hundred years ago we left the judging and burning to the churches, today we leave it to the courts, the public, and sometimes journalists.

Recently, I read an article that ignored the evidence entered in court in Rehtaeh’s case in order to slant what happened into some kind of grey area of consent controversy. It had to be intentional, and I have no doubt it’s just clickbait. Either that, or this guy really doesn’t know what consent means and the people in his life should pay close attention because he doesn’t think having sex with an unconscious person is a crime.

And here I thought fifteen years old boys not knowing that was bad.

clickbait | klikbāt

noun informal (on the Internet); content whose main purpose is to attract attention and encourage visitors to click on a link to a particular web page that provides nothing to substantiate the misleading headline.

My WTF Moment to End 2016

A couple weeks ago I took Rehtaeh’s little dog Ozzy (we always think of him as her dog) outside for his early morning walk. Like most mornings, we have the street to ourselves with the exception of the odd jogger or early commuter. Ozzy loves to say hi to everyone so when a jogger came up he was all smiles. We chatted for a couple seconds and she she wished us a good morning a ran off. It was Christie Blatchford, a journalist who’s written about Rehtaeh and defended the males involved in her assault.

And there she was, petting Rae’s little dog. Small world.

Re-Discovering LEGO

I’d forgotten how much fun LEGO was to play with. Then I was a kid we had only plain blocks, but managed to make everything from airplanes to vending machines. I credit all that time I spent as a kid with LEGO for giving me a great imagination.

Today, there’s a lot more available including mini-figurines. Star Wars, fairies, Disney, Mattel, soldiers, divers, doctors, a figure for us all. Couldn’t help notice some of them look strangely familiar.

This one I call – What About False Accusations Guy. He shows up at feminist events for some reason.