Iceland has been incredible.

We arrived in Reykjavik early Sunday via Icelandic Air from Toronto. Once on the ground and through customs (it took about 5 seconds to clear), we headed out to pick up the camper van we rented from Kuku Campers.

The van is small but has everything we need including a heater that can run all night. We learned quickly to keep it on not only to fight to cold (it’s not that bad, 6C has been the lowest) but to keep down the condensation. The van is actually perfect for us.

While getting ready to hit the road for our journey we met a couple at the rental place from Houston, Pat and Ellen. Hurricane Harvey left them alone, fortunately. Kuku gave them a nice van with a portrait of Stalin on the side.

I’m writing from a campground in Egilsstadir. Last night we stayed in Hofn and before that Vik. The first night we stayed at a campground along the Golden Circle.

We left Canada with no plan and have no intention of making one. We get up early, hit the road right away and stop for breakfast at the first good place we come across (1st photo). We’re on the road by 7 AM and it’s basically just us. This morning after we stopped to eat we drove about 5kms and hiked a bit along a beach (2nd photo). Breathtaking!

Next we drove along the coast and across a spectacular mountain range (3rd photo). There’s a tunnel that runs through here, but why would you want to see the inside of a tunnel when you could be experiencing views like these?

Today we arrived at the campground around 1 PM. A little early to stop but we’re not in a hurry and are taking in as much relaxation time as possible. We also get the best camp spot because they’ve all been emptied by 11 AM. We’re secluded in a corner surrounded with trees. How nice is that?

Heading north tomorrow morning. We’re in love with Iceland already.