24 02, 2014

How men can help end rape

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[su_dropcap size=”3″]S[/su_dropcap]hame is a powerful weapon. Shame is what sexual predators rely on. Next to alcohol it’s their preferred WMD. What were you thinking, after all, being alone, dressing like that, drinking too much, trusting too much? You should have known better. You should have known what would happen. It’s the same approach pedophiles use […]

8 02, 2014

Nightwood Theatre tackles cyberbullying

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[blockquote cite=”Kelly Thornton – Director” type=”left”]Indeed technology is the great colonizer of our time, changing societies so rapidly that its effects are still relatively unknown. In many ways it’s still a wild frontier, and in a sense Chandrasekhar has written a cautionary tale to the future. To us.[/blockquote] If you live in Toronto or happen to […]

Are You in Crisis?

Contact Crisis Services Canada or your local mental health hotline.

Suicide Crisis Line: 988

If you are in danger call 911.


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