Nassau Bahamas PT 1

by Glen Canning

We arrived in Nassau safe and sound yesterday afternoon. Our original flight left Halifax at 7:00 but we managed, thanks to a very nice WestJet employee, to change out flight to an earlier one. That gave us time in Toronto for breakfast.

The flight down took just under three hours. Nice and quick. We’re staying at the Meliá Nassau Beach Hotel. So far it’s been a great place full of friendly people.

Today we headed downtown and took in the Junkanoo festival. For Junkanoo people dress up and have a huge street parade. It’s a Bahamian christmas celebration. When we arrived in town we just stood and watched it pass us by. Lots of very happy festive people.

When we headed back to the hotel we decided to walk. It took about two hours and the whole way this little dog followed us. We reported it to the hotel and we’re hoping they called animal services. They said it had a collar so the owner shouldn’t be hard to locate.

Little Dog

Little Dog










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