Stay Another Day “Dedicated to Rehtaeh Parsons”

in Rehtaeh Parsons

This is a wonderful tribute to Rehtaeh from A-God and StahMeNahRecords.

This song and video is dedicated to Rehtaeh Parsons, a 17 year old young lady from Nova Scotia who took her own life after being Raped and ignored by the authorities. It was written by a 17 year old up and coming Hip Hop artist by the name of A-God who. The message in this song speaks to each and everyone of us, young or old!

Time to start listening to our teenagers and asking and stop turning our backs on them. Thank you very much to the Parsons family for allowing A-God and myself to share this music in their Angel’s name. “Rehtaeh, you are not forgotten!”

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  1. I am a former government employee. I was raped, assaulted and tortured and was arrested for harassment (found not guilty) then re-arrested for reporting it as I would not “drop the issue”. I have fabricated medical records and tapes to prove it. The chatham kent police did everything in their power to give the perps and perverts a free pass, including committing perjury on stand and fabricating evidence to the court. I proved they committed fraud, perjury, contempt of court, fabricated evidence and they still refuse to arrest the pigs- only me. I spent weeks in solitary confinement under conditions considered illegal in Canada. I was also stripped- multiple times. I had to write Interpol and ask them to investigate the child pornography production part as I could not bare knowing that the pigs (Dennis Poole- cyber crimes Ontario) was giving out free passes- they were toddlers and babies. Thankfully Interpol did not think I had a mental illness for reporting toddler porn and they arrested some of the filth in Ontario. The Chatham-Kent police force use the hospital to give their friends free passes to do as they wish to women. I wish I had a father like you- instead I have a pig who cannot keep his hands to himself. I will never forgive them- I pray each day that god will take Larry’s life and his friends. They are above the law in Canada and they are not men, they are beasts- blessed by the devil.

    I would love to speak with glen and share my story. Better therapy than what the sleaze will ever provide.

    Adelle Yott, B.Sc., M.Sc.
    Chatham, ON

  2. Two more point to add to above- my “father” Larry Yott and brother Brandon Yott assaulted me (23 bruises and blood soaked pants) on Nov 28/2010- the start of my demise- over two hours after the “helped” Tom Walters of Blenheim, who was alive before their help and dead after their help. Regine Evans called 911 at both accident scenes on the same day – nothing “bizarre” about that according to them. Larry’s brother Ken Yott was Dennis Poole’s head dispatcher- hence the free pass lifestyle. The OPP and the local police still refuse to arrest. My human rights tribunal package disappeared from the solitary confinement cell to the mail. Every time I try and sue, either a warrent is issued for my arrest for fabricated charges or something else happens to me. Five hours after reporting Poole to SIU, my cat Mozart “disappeared”- she meant the world to me. They have done not one thing but victimize me and allow their friends to get away with murder. It is no wonder Chatham is listed as one of the most dangerous places to live in all of Canada (Macleans magazine). “Delusional” and “bizarre” for having ovaries and ovarian issues and a job offer. Sad how far some men go to get away with what they do. Hopefully someday their will be justice in Canada. Certain “police” seem determined to prevent justice and the victims have no means to protect themselves or end the torment.


    Adelle Yott

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