Somewhere in the early morning of eternity you are running free
Lost from the bonds of earth
Unchained from all that bound you here
The years together were too brief
Yet who is to measure time or how long is long enough?
You brought so much joy
And whispered so much hope
To those who loved you most
Gentle sharings of all that mattered
The courage to run when most would walk
Passionate concerns for the lonely and the lost
A mind sharpened by life and warmed by love

We watched you
And loved you
And rejoiced in your being

We celebrated with you and for you
And waited for your life to unfold and to blossom

A single thread of darkness
Or loneliness
Pulled you beyond to the moment of now

We cannot fully understand
Nor shall we try

We simply know that somewhere in the vastness of all that is
You are running free
And the ocean of eternity cools your feet
As you run unhampered on the sands of all tomorrows

A lone seagull calls to you
And you respond with laughter

You carry now no burden
No chain or bond to hold you
You carry only warmth and the love of those who cared

So run Free
And open your arms
And touch the clouds
And dance with the morning sun
And know that even in our tears we celebrate with you
And bid you good journey
Till we meet again tomorrow…

Source unknown

This was shared on social media and it’s beautiful. It seems to fit so well.

Rehtaeh near Fort Walton Beach, Florida (Jan 2004)

Rehtaeh near Fort Walton Beach, Florida (Jan 2004)