Statement and moment of silence for Rehtaeh Parsons

in Rehtaeh Parsons

A moment of silence for Rehtaeh in the Canadian Parliament.

Published on Apr 15, 2013

Although I was offering condolences on behalf of my caucus and my party, it was clear to me today that every member of the House of Commons was united in sadness and frustration at the passing of Rehtaeh Parsons.

I thank all parties for later offering their unanimous consent for a moment of silence in honour of Rehtaeh, and all those who have succumbed to the burden of victimization.

~Robert Chisholm

Robert Chisholm


  1. When I first read this posting about “The Moment of Silence”, I was not Grateful/ I was not Impressed/I was not Ispired. Something bothered me about the entire scenario.

    Now, knowing that Nova Scotia Police have charged a similar crime in a FOURTEEN year old…(I believe the perpetrators in Rehtaeh’s Crime were a few years older), it has spurred me to consider the “Moment of Silence” yet again.

    To my mind, this “Moment of Silence” was/is wholly inappropriate.

    What was/IS needed is Charges.
    What was/IS needed is loud/persistent/continuing/tenacious protest, until charges are laid – guilty are in jail.

    It seems to me that “A Moment of Silence” is to honour some long resolved person/incident/situation. THIS is NOT resolved. It should NOT be pretended that it is.

    It Seems to Me

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