I heard Adam’s story driving home today. He was the topic on a local news radio station. They were interviewing anti-bullying activist Greg Daborn from New Brunswick. Adam’s story is heartbreaking and I wish his family all the best in this struggle and hope he finds the strength to overcome this crime that is being committed against him.

Another gay kid trying to kill himself?

Dear sir or madam,

Here is my story from JMA Armstrong School, the school I have been going to since grade 6.

My name is Adam Roberts and I am an openly gay male in the small town of Salisbury New Brunswick. In grade 8 it all started, the belligerent words and actions that included the dirty looks, being called a faggot over and over again. Have you ever been called something that over time tore down your mental health onepiece at a time? I have. I was assaulted one day at recess, a rope being tied around my neck until I choked and then he proceeded to ram my head into a brick wall.

Do you know how it is to come to school, lookinto a person’s eyes and say “I’m ok”? When you really feel like shoving a gun down your throat and blowing your brains out? I said it all the time to my mom, friends, and in my eyes no one could know what I felt like. In grade 9 by late February the bullying for so bad I felt like the one way out was to kill myself and no matter what it was the only way out. As a way to cope, I was also cutting myself on a regular basis. I have the scars to show.

On April 8th 2012 I took 70 pills and waited to die. Fell back on my bed, closed my eyes said goodbye to everybody who said they loved me. I felt the life being drained from me I felt weaker and weaker, ready to die. As a result I spent 7 weeks in the hospital and failed grade 9.

Grade 9 again… New kids… i thought it might be a new start but I was so wrong. Going back to being called faggot again but this time it was worse it wasn’t just 2 to 5 times. I was being called 5 to 10 demeaning words a weekand there was no end in sight. About a week ago people were telling me to go kill myself and as a result I’m debating cutting again. I ask myselfeveryday when will the name calling stop?When will it be safe for me to go back to school? And why can’t people just accept me for me. I am a good person and I don’t deserve to be treated like this. I have made several attempts to have the gay issue addressed at my school but nothing is getting fixed. Several other students at my school have told me they don’t feel safe at school either. My family and I have been through enough.

It is time for this to stop.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Update 30 April 2013 5:00 PM AST: Where it stands now, due to all the bullying etc, Adam has been in the hospital for several weeks now, under observation & ongoing struggles to cope with all that has happened.

Adam’s Facebook Page.