Thank you Anonymous

by Glen Canning

AnonymousI want to say thank you to Anonymous for getting involved in my daughters case. Thank you for being the driving force behind the *new information that came forward and thank you for your continued support for bringing the four men who raped and ultimately murdered my daughter to justice.

I won’t forget this.

*New as in it’s been available to the RCMP since this happened if they only gave a damn and made an effort to get it.

AnonNews – Everything Anonymous

Justice for Rehtaeh: Demand an independent inquiry into the police investigation.


Greetings from Anonymous.

Please be aware of the following facts:

1) One of the alleged rapists has made several public statements admitting that he did have sex with Raetaeh on the night in question. He admits she was inebriated at the time, also that she was throwing up during the act.

2) During his confession, he names three other boys and admits that they too took turns having sex with Rahtaeh that night as well. The names match with those we have confirmed during our investigation.

3) The individual making this confession is the same boy identified in the photograph. He has also admitted to being in the photograph and named the accomplice who took the picture.

4) All information, including screenshots of the confession, have been made available to the police.
5) Two boys have been implicated repeatedly whom we believe are innocent based on numerous testimonies given by individuals with first hand knowledge of the surrounding events.

6) There are multiple witnesses who were classmates of the alleged rapists that can confirm they were shown the photograph of Rehtaeh by them.

7) At the very least, there was a house with a minimum of half a dozen underage students consuming alcohol and engaging in sexual intercourse. What happened in this house resulting in the spread of child pornography. This much the police will agree to. No charges have been filed in regards to this.

Why is Anonymous involved in this case? We are involved because the facts above clearly illustrate that several crimes have been committed in Nova Scotia. A 17-year-old girl killed herself because the police failed to do their jobs and charge a single person for any of them.

An image of a 15-year-old girl having sex was viral in Cole Harbour District High School. Neither the school nor the police dispute this. By legal definition that image was child pornography. By some estimates, hundreds of individuals have already seen the photograph, including many adults. The police have seen the photograph. The fact that this evidence was disregarded as inappropriate for any kind of arrest by the police is unconscionable.
What the police are saying to the citizens of Nova Scotia is clear: Having underage students drinking and having sex in your home is not a crime in our community. Photographs of 15-year-old girls having sex is not child pornography, but if it is, the distribution of that child pornography is not a crime. A 15-year-old girl is capable of giving her consent to sex even after she is inebriated to the point that she vomits while hanging out of a window–it is not sexual assault.
We urge the RCMP to act like guardians , set the proper example for the young men of Nova Scotia and send a clear message: This behavior will not be tolerated in our communities. The women and young girls of Nova Scotia should not have to live in fear or be forced to hide evidence of a rape because they will be called whores.


Anonymous – Halifax

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Lynn April 15, 2013 - 4:12 pm

As well, Thank you.

thank you to our modern day Batman! April 15, 2013 - 9:57 pm

Thank you – for saying what needed to be said.

Thank you – for cutting through the bureaucracy, and getting results!

Thank you Anonymous – whoever you are, for restoring a little of my faith in mankind.

I hope someday the we can repay you the favour.


david tharp April 16, 2013 - 12:21 am

We are here. We do not forget. We do not forgive.
There’s nowhere to run…

lady cambria April 16, 2013 - 12:45 am

Sorry about ur loss. It feels so good to have people like this group who stand up for what’s right. Thank you because it has giving me hope in this country. Rip Rehtaeh

Sun April 16, 2013 - 1:29 am

Hello Glen Canning
I am Hoping you can help me ….I have found this very very disturbing video of child abuse
that i made me cry for hours & i still cant get it out of my eyes!! PLEASE i beg of you to help me get this video to the Hacker group Anonymous so they can find this MONSTER so these children can be removed from that home to safety that video is over 8 minutes long of a little 3 or 4 year old child taking a beating a adult wouldn’t be able to handle with 2 more smaller child watching and to afraid to cry this broke my heart, it was the worst abuse of a child i have seen in my years on this planet. the Hacker Group Anonymous will find this MONSTER so he can be removed, so the kids can be safe. I contacted the RCMP POLICE with this video,THEY REPLIED “Heard back from our TechCrime experts. The video orginated from a web site called which has tons of video clips posted on it, not all are like this one. It can be reported to the FBI since the website is posted from the US. It is impossible to determine the exact source of the video, but the FBI might have the best chance at locating the source. There are lots of awful videos like this out there, our tech crime guys just wish they could go after them all!” <— OMG if someone tell me where THE CHILDREN ARE i will go get them myself…Help ME get these children help PLease!! <—– Very Disburting Video !!!<

#Op SafeKids April 22, 2013 - 2:25 am

It has our full attention.


We are Everybody.
We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We will NEVER forgive those who abuse our children.
We will NEVER forget those who perpetuate abuse of our children.
Our eyes are everywhere.
There is no place to hide.
We WILL find you.
We WILL expose and destroy you.
You should’ve expected us.

#Op SafeKids April 22, 2013 - 8:04 am


This is a while ago. Child was rescued. This was Indonesia. Child was identified and under protection in a hospital. The child has no permanent injury. The father beat the child to ‘teach him’. The stepmother, 8 months pregnant at the time, filmed it. The man previously did 6 months in prison for child abuse and for marrying a second wife. I have no update.

We are Anonymous
We are legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Expect us..

..also..if you ever wanted to understand us, here we are..

squeekums April 16, 2013 - 2:06 am

Thank You Anonymous
Must say its sad it took Anonymous getting involved for real action to be taken

Richard Ward April 16, 2013 - 3:10 am

When the Government does not like something, they enact laws and penalties to prevent it. When we don’t like something, we are expected to deal with it. If you say you are for the people, protecting the people, why do anonymous faces have to do your job, Royal Canadian Mounted Police? It is absolutely ridiculous that out of ~30,000 staffed employees, random concerned souls give you this case on a silver plater (again) and you still fail at the most basic task you’re trained: arresting suspects and asking questions. Hopefully there won’t be a “next time” in this situation; if law enforcement did their job originally, she would still be here today. Let’s hope this kickstarts what should have happened the day it was reported.

Glen, thank you. Thank you for siding with justice and truth.

Shawn Ghala April 17, 2013 - 12:09 am

Hi Glen, I am very sorry to hear about all the things that happened to Rehtaeh and about the loss of her. She seemed like a very nice girl, based on what I have read. This should not happen to anyone, and I believe she did not deserve to go through this hell. God will punish the culprits who did all this to her and probably is doing so right at this moment. Isaiah 57:1 says that the godly die young as God is protecting them from evil times ahead. Therefore, I am guessing that God’s plan for Rehtaeh is to only live for 17 years, and then she can get to Heaven quicker than normal. And I believe God has compassion for minors who commit suicide as He knows that they are dealing with way too much at such a young age. Hang in there and be positive. If you do not believe in God, sorry to offend you!

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Rob April 17, 2013 - 10:15 am

Glen, I am terribly saddened by your loss and offer by deepest condolences. It is unbelievable that the boys’ family and friends assert they did nothing wrong and claim there are “two sides” but that is false, there is only one truth.

That truth is those boys used the picture or pictures they took to degrade and dehumanize a 15 year old girl and humiliate her in front of everyone they all knew. They bragged about it and were proud of it and their cruelty. They wanted to destroy her in the most public manner they could and did it in front of countless others to encourage them to help them do it.

I have no doubt that without the malicious and intentional actions of these boys you daughter would still be with us. Despite this their friends and family have tried to claim that they are “good” people and are telling them and the world that they bear no responsibility for their actions. With influences like these in their lives, is it any surprise they did what they did, have shown no remorse about it or that they have been accused of threatening, assaulting and intimidating others to keep them quiet?

I truly hope that you can find some justice and these boys, their accomplices and their friends and families that have tried to defame and slander your daughter will be held to account.

Deepest regards and sympathies.

Rehtaeh Parsons: Halifax posters supporting alleged attackers appear | News | National Post April 18, 2013 - 2:21 pm

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Alison April 18, 2013 - 7:59 pm

My heart is breaking for you — wishing you all the strength you can get to see the perpetrators to justice. There’s no words, really, but I will raise my sons to NEVER be bystanders. RIP Rehtaeh.

Danielle Crawford April 20, 2013 - 3:54 pm

I just want to be able to do something for girls, who, like your daughter, are taken advantage of for doing what many teenagers do as a pastime; hang out with friends and get drunk. Speaking as a survivor of rape, we need to do more for these girls. I remember feeling lost and alone, a complete victim and failure. And then for other people to use that as ammunition against you… I don’t even think there is a word for how despicable this is. There were times when I contemplated suicide, and at the time, no one even knew what had happened to me. There aren’t enough words to say how sorry I am that your daughter took her own life. All that is left is rage and anguish. This just keeps happening. In the States, here at home. We need somewhere for these girls to go and get help, before they can’t take the pain anymore, and decide that death is just easier. I hope all the people that rubbed her nose in her pain know they killed this beautiful young woman, and that the suicide was just the last step. They took her in pieces, and she took her own life. I am sorry for your loss, and hope some good can come out of this, but there is no bright side in such a tragedy.

Snapdragon (@dravazed) April 26, 2013 - 8:56 pm

We do not forget, forgive, or just go away. Keep #Anonymous posted as to your needs. We are not the sort of allies who evaporate. We remember. We are listening. #Solidarity

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Johny Trite August 8, 2013 - 6:46 pm

Your more than welcome Glen! But your family does not need to thank us sir…we are here for you and the people! We are not done yet and we won’t be until justice is served in the form of charges and time being served!

BTW…i love that pic of us all! 😉

We will be in touch again soon sir1 Much love to you and yours, Leaha, and everyone in the familys! WE ARE NOT DONE THIS YET! i promise you all this!

Barbara August 8, 2013 - 9:30 pm

Yes. Thank you to Anonymous. If our society functioned as it should, you would not be needed. However. You are sorely needed.

Pamela August 8, 2013 - 11:21 pm

Thank you Anonymous! Is there any hope that this will be bumped to adult court?

kaycee August 9, 2013 - 11:36 am

Good Job !! Vigilantes or not they got the job done, instead of hiding it behind bureaucracy !! It’s truly sad that our legal system is so pathetic, our police no more than ticket pushers.

Nichole October 15, 2013 - 4:21 am

Thank you anonymous for all the abusive cases you help us all with!

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