30 04, 2013

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

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Please share! On Friday May 3rd 2013, join the thousands of individuals and organizations across Canada wearing purple in recognition of Sexual Assault Awareness Month; in its third year, the campaign is called No One Asks For It! In our nation, May is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Sexual abuse and sexualized violence in our communities […]

30 04, 2013

Adam’s Story

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I heard Adam’s story driving home today. He was the topic on a local news radio station. They were interviewing anti-bullying activist Greg Daborn from New Brunswick. Adam’s story is heartbreaking and I wish his family all the best in this struggle and hope he finds the strength to overcome this crime that is being […]

27 04, 2013


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During our meeting on Tuesday with Prime Minister Harper he mentioned his wife Laureens work with Need Help Now. The web site offers tips and resources for combating online exploitation. “You never want to put anything down that can hurt you but they do because they’re kids and it happens,” Harper said in an interview […]

26 04, 2013

Addressing Christie Blatchford’s article

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This morning I woke up and read an article in the National Post about Rehtaeh’s case. I’m not upset or mad. A little disappointed maybe. The writer, Christie Blatchford, makes a few statements I would like to address. “What they had was a complainant whose evidence was all over the map, independent evidence that supported […]

25 04, 2013

Nova Scotia takes a step forward on cyberbullying

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Nearly three weeks after Rehtaeh died, the Nova Scotia Government introduced legislation to create Canada’s first cyberbullying investigative unit. This is a good start and I’m very happy to see it. Going by the reactions on a radio program today it’s getting a lot of support from local teenagers as well. Cyber-Safety Act The province […]

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