Yesterday I sat in a doctors office pondering how much my life could change in the next five minutes. I had some blood work done a couple weeks ago and they called last week to let me know I had to come in and talk. That’s not what anyone wants to hear. My father died in 2006 from prostate cancer so I make sure to get my PSA level checked every year. Just to be safe.

As I sat there I thought of my beautiful wife and daughter, my life up until then and the life I still had ahead of me. I thought of how blessed I am. I was scared and am man enough to admit it. I wrote in my Things app To Do List one single word: Live. It shouldn’t take an appointment like this to think like that. Live everyday. Live well, live good, live with kindness and forgiveness, live with tolerance and respect. Live knowing someday this will end and all that will be left are the people who loved you and knew you. Live so they smile always when they think of you.

I’m not going to die. Not yet. Just some protein where it shouldn’t be caused most likely by stress. I didn’t have to leave the office like the older man ahead of me…. devastated and in tears. Well, I was in tears to be honest. And thankful.