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Welcome to Our Journey

If I tried to sum up what this site is about and who it’s for I guess I’d say I’m a man who survived a mountain of shit and grief and I still think life is worth living. So I must have something to share, because I don’t think many people get to where I am.

I write about that journey and share what I think explains who I am and what is important to me.

If you came across the movie No Place to Hide on Amazon Prime than you know my daughter Rehtaeh. In 2013, she died at by suicide at the age of 17 following a sexual assault. Her story made international headlines and we’ve received thousands of messages of support over the past 11 years from all over the world. I am eternally grateful for all the kind words and support.

This blog will always be changing and updating because I am. You are. The world is.

I wish you courage and peace, Glen

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